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ORCR Loan Requirements

Documentary Requirements to Submit for Fast Loan Approval

At OR/CR Loan, different car collateral loan types require different documents that a borrower must submit. We have listed just the basic requirements. When we say required as per company policy, please never argue to submit any less than what is specified so we can help you maximize application approval. You can ask however if there are any alternatives if any of the document we are asking for is not available. There is always a substitute and a solution to this particular problem.

It is also important to know that before you entrust your personal information or documents to any company or person to know that it is safe and secure to submit. With this issue, we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy which you can find in our home page. Otherwise, please remember that a photocopy document will not hurt you in any form. It cannot be used to your disadvantage. Just make sure not to submit original copy at any time unless you are signing our loan contract or is about to receive your loan money or proceeds.

Please Submit To: (Viber: +639175019245 or Email:


1. 2 valid primary or government-issued IDs

2. copy of car OR/CR

3. 3 months proof of income

4. latest electric or water bill (kahit po di sa inyo nakapangalan)

5. TIN ID or any proof of TIN (if you do not have one, we will help you get an ID)

Note: Other documents may be required by our lending company provider. Don't worry, we are here to guide you all the way.  Our 6 years of rock solid experience will help us both attain smooth processing of your OR/CR loan application.



Why Submit Requirements Now?

By visiting our Apply Here page, you will learn that we are currently testing and offering promo rate. We used to have 2.5% but now it's only 1.25% for a limited time only.

If you immediately submit your requirements, we will immediately call you to pre-qualify. You will also be scheduled for an immediate interview by one of our account officers.

It is important to submit complete documents as processing starts the soonest you have sent us all your documents.  This is the same with all lending companies and bank providers we have on our list.

We accept car, van, truck and taxi as collateral. Don't hesitate to ask us for a free quotation below. 

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