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For immediate evaluation, submit complete set of requirements. Be prepared to send additional supporting documents if needed be.



Undergo 2-3 minutes short pre-qualifying interview with us. The purpose is to immediately pair the right provider for you.

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Happily and patiently wait for an approval of your loan. We have multiple providers  waiting in line if all else fails. - bank & private financier.

Specialty Loan Services

1 Hour Car Pawning - Ideal for Fast Emergency Fund Needs [push product]

OR CR Loan.Com offers different collateral loan products. Based from our experience, it is best to go for our 1 hour car loan via impounding if you need fast money. Here, a private financier will cater to your application and you will directly talk with our provider. Less requirements, no hassle of processing time and absolutely high approval rate loan. Just surrender car, keys, original OR CR , 2 valid primary IDs and any latest utility bill and presto! 

Cash when you need it, Period.

Click Here to Apply for 1 Hour Car Impounding

Car Loan Products, Requirements and Where to Apply


OR CR Loan Philippines offers different products you can choose from based from what specific vehicle ownership status and banking credit score. We also offer taxi collateral, truck ORCR loan and 2nd hand car financing. Choose below and click to read more information.

About Us


OR CR Loan Philippines helps loan borrowers get their loan money fast. We are a loan agency serving "FREE" loan application assistance and consultation. We are comprised of  experienced duly accredited loan broker experts in our specific field for collateral loan. 

Our commitment is to shoulder the waiting stress and agony of processing of loan borrowers. We combine cutting edge procedures with our 15 years of experience to achieve this. Our primary purpose? To help Filipinos get quick funding, to avail lowest interest rate without hidden charges and get free professional service from our list of banks and affiliate lending companies.

Our Easy 3-Step Process is unique only to us. Service is our product, we guarantee all our clients that we will deliver results. All you have to do is submit complete requirements, pre-qualify in a 3-minute interview, take our advice, cooperate/communicate and be patient in waiting for a loan approval.

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