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Where to Get OR/CR?

ORCR Meaning (Acronym)

First you have to understand the meaning of ORCR document. By acronym it means "car registration and official receipt". This two cannot be interchanged and should always be in possession of the driver together inseparably.  Every vehicle has a unique CR number assigned only to the specific vehicle in issue.  You can verify this in LTO. Any discrepancy might mean disaster. Visit a nearby Land Transportation Office branch to know how to fix this.

Let us use an analogy so as to make it easy to understand ORCR meaning. Basically, your OR/CR can be compared to the title of a real estate property. It is the distinguishing document that allows involved government agencies like the LTFRB, LTO and LRA or Registry of Deeds to determine ownership and specifications related to your motor vehicle.  This document also allows authorities to know if your vehicle has the right specifications and identity as stated in the OR/CR. Violations, accident involvement, apprehensions and derogatory records may also be determined through it. 

Identity Issues of Any Motor Vehicle

It is the most important document required in all transactions involving your vehicle. These transactions may include identity of your taxi, car, truck, multicab, heavy equipment, motorcycle, van or any motor vehicle. Apprehensions due to disregard or neglect of street rules and transportation related policies and violations will also require the driver to present the ORCR for vehicle identity and legality.

If you are to drive any type of motor vehicle, it is highly suggested that you make sure you have with you the photocopy (to the least) or the original copy of the ORCR. If caught without it, you will have to face serious violation penalties that could cause the driver to pay a large amount of money by virtue of an issued ticket by the apprehending traffic officer. As a tip, if any apprehending officer fails to introduce himself first, be sure to ask for an identity and a mission order. Demand an active area officer if found he is not assigned in the area where you were caught or apprehended.

Where Do You Really Get the ORCR?

Technically, a OR/CR may only be issued by the only authorized government agency in the Philippines. That is the Land Transportation Office. But there are other involved agencies and people as a whole. These are, the financing institution, bank or lending company to which a car was bought or financed, the vehicle seller, the company you work with (in case of a company-financed car) and the Land Registration Authority or Registry of Deeds. The RD is the only authorized local agency that puts a notation of encumbrance if a vehicle was not bought cash.

The Used Car Seller, Dealer, Bank and Financing Institution

On the other hand, there are only 4 people/institutions involved when you want to physically get your ORCR. Whether it is the original copy or the photo copy never get it from anybody else, less, a fixer. If you just bought a new car thru financing, you can get a copy of it from the car dealer or the bank/financing institution. Cash buyers of any vehicle can get the ORCR from their respective dealers or local nearby distributor upon request after a week or so.  

Buying a car thru financing will make you get your ORCR from either the in-house financing institution (Toyota / Mitsubishi / Mazda / Nissan / Kia / kawasaki / Yamaha / etc) or the bank (BDO / Metrobank / Security Bank / BPI / Unionbank / RCBC / PSBank / etc) where the car is financed. In cases where a used or second hand car is bought, you can get a copy of this document from your seller or 2nd hand vehicle showroom dealer. Trust us you will need a lot of the information we have here once you decide to go for a transfer of ownership.

What You Should Do After Receiving Your ORCR?

Getting a copy of your ORCR doesn't guarantee you legitimacy and legality of your vehicle and your ownership. The only way to be sure it is clear of any negative records or involvement in crimes or accidents if you bought a used car is by verifying it with the LTO records. In fact, if you are buying a second hand car, the first step you must do is to verify ownership and if there is any negative records in LTO. Nowadays, you can do that via txt hotline. 

This is done by texting the plate number of your vehicle to LTO. Otherwise, you must personally verify ownership in LTO to be sure that the deed of sale issued to you if you bought a 2nd hand car is the same as the name of the seller or used car dealer. This is very important to coincide because you will not be able to transfer the vehicle under your name once there is any discrepancy, typo, misspelling or wrong owner's name. Worse, you could be up to buy a hot car or carnapped or illegally acquired, tampered vehicle identity.

  • LTO<space>VEHICLE<space>[plate number of your vehicle] and send to 2600 Ex. LTO VEHICLE ABC123

So by now you have already received your original ORCR copy and verified it with the authorized agencies like LTO and LRA. Please make sure that you have a copy in your car and you always have another copy in your daily wallet plus the original copy stays in a safe place. Another important tip is to have a soft copy of the document stored in your mobile phone. These days, it is best to have more options of presenting your copy to authorities in case of need.


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