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Sangla ORCR - Car Loan Without Taking Car

ORCR Only Pawning - Get Cash and Still Drive Your Vehicle

"Sangla" OR/CR is the most popular car collateral loan offer for Pinoy car owners today. Just imagine the convenience, security and funding source leverage that it gives loan borrowers and their vehicle. In fact, no other car pawning option is better than this secured loan and we have witnessed hundreds of clients tell us how they feel lucky for it.

The Power of "Without Taking Car" Option

Although car impounding turns out to give the fastest cash loan proceeds handover among all vehicle pawning options, availing for this credit line is still the first choice for many Pinoys. The fact that this is not offered in any other country in the world right now makes the Philippines and Filipinos one lucky place on earth. Availing this cash loan also enable borrowers to use the vehicle for business or personal and leisure purposes while getting the cash funding they need. 

Car loan without taking car is also best for any emergency cash needs like paying for medical / hospitalization costs and utility bills. It has also become a quick source of fund for many 

millennial clients looking to get married or travel around for fun and leisure. Hence, this is an unbeatable option if you are one who is looking to raise money for many purposes today. 

The Target Market

Business owners are the usual market for this secured loan. Whether you have a private car, van, multicab, tricycle, truck or a taxi/UV Express (Public Utility Vehicle), this loan sets it apart from other sure approval loans today. This is good reason why FiIipino entrepreneurs and those who own SMEs, contractors and construction companies prefer this over high interest rate unsecured business loans. Furthermore, it is easier to get an approval for any type of collateral loan compared to an unsecured loan such as business or personal or salary loan. The target market which is primarily the business sector also enjoys the low interest rate of the "Sangla" OR/CR car loan. The past 2 years also witnessed overseas Filipino workers looking to leave cash extension to family and loved ones also find it more powerful as a money source to avail this instead of high interest OFW loan.

Learning simple facts we have discussed in this blog review about Sangla ORCR, if you are one of those looking to get this loan, apply using our form below or call/Viber us in our hotline numbers.


How to Pawn OR/CR Only

"Sangla" means to pawn. It is very easy to pawn your car using the original OR/CR only. If you are new to this type of sure approval loan, then by all means just pay us a call using our hotline numbers below. We'd be very glad to help. You may also click on the green button below and skip the long text.

But for the sake of just letting you know, our loan application assistance service is 100% FREE. Meaning, your loan doesn't get deducted just to have us earn from our service. We promise you that you can just walk away no questions asked should you not like any of our loan calculator figures or policies. 

But first allow us to pre-qualify you and undergo our easy 3-step process of approving loans. It's a win-win for you plus we guarantee 24-48 hours approval process after you submit the complete requirements. Note that there must be no arising problems along the process of undergoing approval from our 4 departments handling your folder at the office.

If you are ready to apply, just click on the green button below. We promise to be there all the way and absorb all the stress of waiting just for you. After all, it is our job and it has become our passion to help you get assurance of a fast loan approval.

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